How to generate an Gmail App password for UpMail


If you have activated Gmail 2-step verification, you will need to generate an App password to connect UpMail with your Gmail account. You can see the steps in this short video. In order to get an App Password, first you would need to log in to



You will be using  App Password instead of your usual Gmail password when doing the integration of UpMail with your Gmail account from this page:




To generate an Gmail App password for UpMail

1. Access your Gmail account page from this link:

2. Under the section "Signing in to Google" on the left pane, click on "App passwords".


3. Provide your Gmail password when asked.

4. On the App passwords page, select Other (Custom name).


5. Identify this App password, as UpMail and click on Generate.



6. Copy the 16-character password generated on your screen (not this one!)

7. Go back into UpMail, on the page My Settings, under the category Integration and Delivery Channel.

7.1 Enter your email address and your 16-character password.

7.2 Click on Enabled.

7.3 Click on Save.


 If you have any problem with this please contact us for extra help:


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