Watch our training videos for UpMail Champions

Before you watch the videos, check the definitions for an end user and Upmail Champion, to make sure you are watching the tutorials that are relevant to you:

End user - uses their account to send emails and can track their success, without being able to make changes to the team account.
UpMail Champion - manages the account on a team level, creates new templates and content, as well as adds new team members.


1. How to configure the account for your team members:


In this video, we will go through the difference between an UpMail champion and an end user, and how you can configure the account before your team starts using it.

2. How to use your Content library:

In the video, we will cover how you can add new content in the account and how you can edit,sort and manage it.

3. How to create and modify templates for your team members:

In this tutorial, we will go through the different ways in which you can create, modufy and save new templates for your team members to use. We will also go through the template serrings, where you can set up a default subject line or a default reminder for your users. 

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