How to generate an Outlook App password for UpMail

If you have activated multi - factor authentication , you will need to generate an App password to connect UpMail with your Outlook account. You can see the steps in the short video below. In order to get an App Password, first you would need to log in to your personal account.


You can see the steps in the below video:


Once you log in to your account, you would need to select Manage security and privacy, as shown below:


From there, you would need to click on Additional security verification, and from there to click on the link to create and manage app passwords.


From there you need to create the app password by clicking on Create and then Next. For your convenience, you can name the password, so you remember where to use it. Afterwards, simply copy the generated password and go back to your UpMail account.



Once you’re back in UpMail, select My Settings from the drop down menu in the top right.

From there, select Integration, and then Delivery channel. From there, paste the generated password in the required field, and tick the checkbox next to enabled. Once all this is done, just select to save the changes. It will look like this:


Once you follow the steps, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your SMTP settings are correct.

If you have any problem with this please contact us for extra help:

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