How to get started with UpMail

Following the instructions below, you will be able to set up your UpMail account and get the most out of your sales communications.

Step 1: Register to UpMail 

Your UpMail account manager invites users from your organisation to your UpMail account. The invitation to register to your UpMail account is done by email.

This email is sent from "UpMail" and looks like this:



After clicking on the "Sign Up" linkyou will be taken to a page where you need to fill out your profile details.

You can always change these details at a later stage by following these instructions: How to edit my profile.

If for any reason, you have not received this email please contact a member of the UpMail team at and an invitation email will be resent to you.

Step 2: Install the UpMail plugin

We recommend installing the UpMail plugin for your emails. It only takes a few seconds to install, and it means you won’t need to log in to UpMail every time you need to use it.

Click here to install the Outlook plugin

Click here to install the Gmail Plugin

Step 3: Connect UpMail with your corporate email server.

Connecting your UpMail account with your own corporate email server will improve your emails’ deliverability. You can then follow these simple 3 steps to connect your account.

How To Set Up UpMail With Your Own SMTP Server as a user

It literally takes 15 seconds!


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To find out more about all the other features UpMail has to offer visit the UpMail Help Center and start exploring.

 Here are some suggestions to get you started:

For further support please email or login to your UpMail account and chat live to a member of the team. 


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