Why use images in emails?

In 2016 Litmus tracked over 17 billion email opens to analyse the changing email habits of their audiences. They discovered 100% of mobile email clients are now displaying images from an email automatically, and 82% of email clients support images and videos in email as part of their responsive design.

According to this report, audiences now expect digital content in the emails they receive.

Having analysed the email communications of over 3,000 Hotel salespeople who use UpMail everyday, we have seen a significant impact on sales for users who include images directly into an email versus just plain text emails.  Alliance Pornic, for example have increased their sales by 13% using UpMail over period of 2 months.

For the hotel industry, images are particularly important and salespeople should be adapting to this isn their email communication.  Images can help customers differentiate a hotel from its competitors, build brand loyalty and strengthen a customer’s attitude towards that hotel. A Cornell University study showed that a strong brand can impact the value of a hotel by up to three times.

A reason for this shift towards digital content is due to a change in where clients are reading their emails. According to digital experts, ‘We are now in the mobile era, with mobile representing 54% of all email opens’.

Litmus confirms this, just 8% of email marketers use a desktop-centric design for their emails, instead  focusing first on testing emails on mobile. It is clear that customers now expect their emails to be optimised for a small screen.

“If a message doesn’t look good on their small screens, 70% say they’ll just delete it, while 23% will look at it again on a computer and 16% will unsubscribe, ” says US marketing technology group Acxiom. Only 9% will make the effort to try to read the message on their smartphone.

UpMail has adapted to these changing trends.  For the majority of email recipients using mobile and web based email clients (Gmail, Outlook 365, etc.), images will download automatically when an email is opened. Recipients should have no problem opening emails with images included.

For a small proportion of email recipients, who have a slightly different email configuration in Outlook, the recipient may have to click to download the images after opening their email. It is still important to include images,even for this minority of cases, as recipients are able to click on the link to see the email in a web browser or download the email as a pdf.

We hope this article has been informative and that you carry on adding images to your sales communications!

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