How to Edit, Manage and Add Templates to your account

These instructions are intended for UpMail Champions only. If you are not an UpMail Champion but would like changes made to any UpMail templates, please refer to your UpMail Champion first.

How to Edit a Template layout:

To edit an image:

1. Choose the template you wish to Edit and click Select 


2. Select the text or content block you would like to edit. A grey vertical bar will appear on your right. Click on the Grey bar. 


3.  To move the selected block to different section, select Move Down or Move Up on the right. 


Keep selecting Move down or Move Up until the block is in the correct place. 
4. To duplicate the selected block, select Duplicate on the right. 
5.  To remove the selected block , select Delete on the right. 
Screen_Shot_2018-08-13_at_15.05.01.png6. IMPORTANT
To save any changes you MUST select Save as in the top right hand corner.
Next, select the location where this Template is saved. 
Here select the category of Template. Do not rename the Template . Then select Create or copy over.
Select Yes to this question and your edits will be saved in your existing template.
To add a new Template:
1. Choose the template you wish to duplicate 
 2. Select Save as in the top right hand corner
3. Select where you would like this New Template saved. 
4. Here Rename the Template and add a category. Then select Create or copy over. NOTE:To create a new template, you must rename the template. 
You have now created a new template. 
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