How to Edit, Manage or Add a text snippet in a template

These instructions are intended for UpMail Champions only. If you are not an UpMail Champion but would like changes made to any UpMail templates, please refer to your UpMail Champion first.

To edit a text snippet 

1. Choose the template you wish to Edit and click Select 



2. Select the text block you would like to edit. On the right hand corner, under Recommended Text select the specific text snippet you would like to edit (the text will become highlighted in bold when selected).


3. Here you will be able to edit your text snippet. Please don't forget to click Update text to save any changes.


To Manage a text snippet

1. Inside the Template select the text block you would like to manage. On the right hand corner, under Recommended Text select Manage.


2. To select the text snippets you would like to appear under Recommended texts, simply click on the relevant texts. A blue box should appear around the selected texts.

If you would like a text removed from recommended texts click on it and the blue box should disappear. Alternatively, you can choose Deselect All to deselected all text snippets to start selecting from scratch.

Screen_Shot_2018-08-08_at_18.23.12.pngIMPORTANT: It's important to remember after making any changes to scroll down and select Use Selected Texts otherwise your changes will not be saved. 


2. To find a specific text snippet enter it's description, click enter on the keyboard, so the word appears in a green box and select filter. Text snippets needs to be correctly tagged for this to work. If it is not tagged you can scroll down and find it. 


The correct text snippets should now appear under Recommended texts.

3. To pick one text as your Default text click Use as default and a green Default button will appear under the highlighted text. This means when a user is working on a template, the set default text will automatically appear for that text block. 


4. It is also possible to filter Recommended texts to find specific text snippets as you are working on a template. Enter it's description in the highlighted box and click enter on the keyboard. Selected text snippets should then appear. Again, text snippets much be tagged for this to work.


How to add new text snippets:

1. Select the text block where you want to add a new text snippet. On the right hand corner, under Recommended Text select add new.


2. First Name your new text snippet, then can add the text to the copy section.

We recommend tagging every text snippet so it easy to find. To do this, enter the name under Tags and click enter on the keyboard.

When you are finished click Create text.



Your new text snippet should now appear under Recommended Texts 

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