How to connect UpMail to your CRM

To make sure you keep tack of all the emails you send via UpMail, you can easily connect your CRM by creating an auto-BCC.

On the upper right corner, click on your username (email address)

  1. On the drop down menu, select "My Settings"
  2. On the right, select "Auto-BCC options"
  3. On the “Auto-Bcc to CRM” category, paste your CRM auto-bcc email adress
  4. Tick the “On” box
  5. Don't forget to save before leaving the page.





When you’re done, scroll down and validate the settings by clicking on the “Update my profile” button.

Where can I find my CRM bcc email (Salesforce)?

Click on your user name at the upper right corner:

  1. On the drop down menu, select "My Settings"
  2. On the left banner on your screen, select the Email tab under “My Settings”
  3. Select the “My Email to Salesforce" tab (last option)
  4. You will see your email to salesforce address highlighted
  5. Copy and paste this address into your Salesforce setup within the “My profile” page on UpMail


Tip: check that the beginning of your BCC address is: emailstosalesforce

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