How to use the Engagement tab

It’s simple. First, send emails to your prospects, and then let the Engagement Dashboard prioritize for you, based on engagement levels, which ones to follow up with for your best chance to close deals.

Prioritize you follow-ups

You know how much time following up by phone takes. So spend your time wisely… on calls that will convert. UpMail’s Contact Engagement Dashboard list automatically orders your prospects, based on who opened and/or clicked your email, so you can prioritize your calls, and time, on those who are most engaged.

UpMail also allows you to filter, and  follow-up with just one click, those prospects who haven’t taken any action on your emails.

Automate your process

When following-up by email, go even further. Create automated follow-up emails for each type of engagement including the following: opened, clicked on one link,  two or more links, no engagement after one, two or three emails, etc. Your targeted, and relevant, follow-up emails will dramatically enhance your professional look and increase your chance to convert.

Spend your time wisely

When it comes to working on a large number of contacts efficiently, UpMail does the heavy lifting, ensuring you to:

  • Send emails to individual recipients or to multiple mailing lists
  • Prioritise your prospect list
  • Always follow-up efficiently


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