How To Set Up UpMail With Your Own SMTP Server (account admin)

We recommend configuring UpMail to send emails directly from your own corporate SMTP email server to increase your users the chance to reaching recipients inbox.

This is done in two STEPS:

STEP #1: Account level

Your account manager needs to follow these steps to connect UpMail with your own custom SMTP Server:

1. Under Setup, select Account Settings.



2. On the menu on the left, select Integration.

3. Complete the required information then tick the On box. You can ask your company’s IT administrator if you have questions about what to enter here.



If you are on Google Mail, simply enter the following details:


If you are on Office 365, simply enter the following details:

Make sure to enable IMAP on Users Account.


If you have any problem with this please contact us for extra help:

4. Click on Save.


IMPORTANT: Please note that in some cases (if you are using Mimecast for example), you might need to whitelist UpMail IP address in order to achieve this connection.

UpMail IP address to whitelist is:


*** If it's not possible to configure sending your email from your own corporate Email Server, we recommend authenticating UpMail to send emails on your behalf (Domain Whitelabelling).


STEP #2: User level

Once this is done, each user will need to connect to their respective mailbox with their own credentials (email address and password).

To do this, they can follow these step-by-step instructions.




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