How to create and set-up a follow-up template

Semi-automated follow-ups are very convenient to follow-up with just 2 clicks. Because you will not sign a deal just after one email!

You can set-up a specific follow-up message for each template. 

1- Acces a template through "Account management" mode by clicking on the cogwheel:

2- Under the templates's name, Select the "Follow-up" tab:


3- On the next page, click on the link "Create it now":

4- You will land on a page to set-up the follow-up email. If you are not comfortable with HTML code don't freak out! Just tick the "Auto inline styles" box and click on create at the bottom.



4- This will create a default follow-up message. You can create your owns by clicking on "Create" on the right side menu and write the message(s) you want.

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