How to manage a template's default settings

Select any template and access in "Account Management Mode" by clicking on the cogwheel:


Click on "Template settings" to open the settings page.



You can now edit the name of the template, default subject line and reminder, and more.

Don't forget to click "Update template" when you are done.



Name: That’s the name that the template will have in UpMail. This is the only obligatory thing you have to fill out. Note that this is different from the template's subject.

Subject: If you want a template to always have the same subject, you can set it up from here.

Category: If you have created categories for your templates, you can place them there through this menu.

Default reminder and message: You can set up an automated reminder to be sent to your users to follow up after certain time, alongside with a message giving them the next steps to follow.

Communication type: Here you can select between 4 communication types: prospecting, invitation, proposal and nurturing, or you can leave it blank if the template you are setting up does not fit one of these descriptions. You can see how many of each are sent in the reporting section.

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