How to duplicate, follow-up and edit reminders

 You can duplicate already sent emails, follow-up on them, or setup and edit reminders directly from the UpMail emails page. From there, you just need to click on the email you want to action, as illustrated below.



 Once you have clicked on the email, a pop-up will appear with the three buttons next to each other in the order Duplicate - Follow up - Reminder.




  1. Once you select DUPLICATE, the same email will appear in a new window. You would still be able to change it before you send it, if required.                                                             
  2. If you select FOLLOW UP, the pop up below will appear, auto - populated with a short follow up message which you can send alongside with the initial email.                                     Capture777777.PNG 
  3. If you select the REMINDER the below pop-up will appear, allowing you to choose a date and time for your next interaction with the email recipient, alongside with a window to enter a quick description of what that might be (phone call, meeting, etc)                                     nimoa.PNG


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