How to integrate UpMail in Salesforce

Steps Before installation

  1. Salesforce Admin must have an UpMail Account [intended to perform installation process].

Steps To Installation

  1. Login to Salesforce with Admin account.
  2. Load UpMail Salesforce application installation package: 

    Click on the link:

  1.     Select option “Install For All Users”         


Steps To Configure After Installation

After installation process,  salesforce admin should perform some configuration actions to make UpMail App usable through salesforce.

  1. Select Upmail App : For Salesforce classic experience please go to the upper right corner of the screen and select “UpMail”. 


For lightning experience please switch to lightning experience. On the left side of the screen click on App changer icon and select “UpMail”.

  1. Set Remote Site Settings : Go to “UpMail Configuration” Tab > Click on “Authenticate” Button. Here it will show you a message to add URL to remote site settings. 
  2. To add this go to
  3. In the Quick Find Box, type “remote site settings”


 Click on “Remote Site Settings”


ClickNew Remote Site


Add remote site name: UpMail

Add remote site URL:

Click on “Save”



Repeat for:

Remote site name: UpMail_visualforce

Add remote site URL:

Click "Save"

  1. Set Contact And Lead Layout : In Salesforce classic experience, detail page button will be used to load UpMail interface. And in Lightning experience, :ightning Actions will be used.

             a. Edit Contact Layout : Go to setup > Quick Find Box > Type “Contact” > Click Page Layouts




              b. Click Edit on “Contact Layout”  



From this page, you can edit page layout for both classic and lightning experience


For the classic view:

  1. Select “Button” from the pallet.



Scroll down to the “Contact detail” section



  1. Drag “Send UpMail” button on page layout to custom buttons of contact details section.



For Lighting Experience:

  1. Select “Salesforce1 and lightning Actions” from the pallet.



Scroll down to the Salesforce1 and lightning Actions